The Ultimate Website Design Questionnaire

1. Why do we use a website design questionnaire?

2. We want to be 100% aligned and on the same page as our customers. This paves the way for a successful project and minimizes the chance of miscommunication.

3. Some important things to clarify in our web design questionnaire include the timeline, the scope of the project, and the look and feel that our customers are going for. As web designers, we juggle multiple projects at one time, and you definitely don’t want to commit to a project and then realize that your expectation is a turnaround time of, say, two days.

4. The same goes for the project scope. If you don’t clarify the actual deliverables upfront, a
a potential client might bring up additional items, pages, or features whenever we speak about the project, and we might end up doing 2x the amount of work, without being able to charge your client extra.

5. That’s where a web design questionnaire comes in — We use the questionnaire to drill down into specifics and pinpoint exactly what it is that you want.

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